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Using influxdb, grafana and nodejs datalogger rasplogger to visualise solar panel data


I've been working on a datalogging project collecting timeseries data using nodejs app RaspLogger to log the data, influxdb as a timeseries database and grafana to visualise the data. I will do a more elaborate writeup on this setup soon, but can already share a specific pvoutput based dashboard with some instructions!

I've formatted the guide in the form of the influx-db community templates:

solar panel data in grafana dashboard

This dashboard shows solar panel data that is collected through a nodejs datalogger capturing data from

Included Resources

1 PV Output dashboard json export for Grafana 6.7.3

Data collection with RaspLogger (pv module)

RaspLogger PV module requires the following environment variables

  • PVOUTPUT_APIKEY - The API key acquired at website
  • PVOUTPUT_SYSTEMID - The PV system id you want the logger to capture

Continuously monitor pvoutput data by using RaspLogger to log data

  • git checkout
  • cd rasplogger
  • docker run -it --rm --name rasplogger_pv -v "$PWD":/usr/src/app -w /usr/src/app --restart always node:13-buster node rasplogger.js cron pv "*/5 * * * *" -u http://influxdb:8086/pv

migrating data / example data

If you want to import historical data from a pv installation, or experiment with some sample pv data you can use pvoutput-to-influx on github