Peter Peerdeman

Hashbang B.V.

My name is Peter Peerdeman, I'm a technologist with over 13 years of experience in the technology industry. I've embraced various roles ranging from tech leadership and AI consultancy to business development, account management and sales as the managing partner of a software development agency.

Hashbang B.V. is the legal entity for my freelance work and I use hashbang.nl as place for personal exploration, technical inspiration, thought vocalisation, knowledge distribution and a healthy dose of nerdy fun in a wide range of topics.

The blog started as a mainly technical writeup of challenges I faced when working on #php, #node, #mobile and #devops projects. Slowly but steadily Hashbang turned into a place where I document all sorts of technical experiments and sideprojects, such as #iot, #timeseries and #machinelearning. The blog also functions as a log of all the #presentations I've given through my career on meetups and conferences.

If you don't know where to start, check out a couple of my favorite blogs here:

the hashbang is a character sequence of the number sign and an exclamation mark (#!), used at the beginning of a (bash) script and more recently used by facebook and twitter announce a single page application to the google search engine.

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