My name is Peter Peerdeman, I am the technical director of the digital software studio Lifely and I use the Hashbang blog as place for personal exploration, technical inspiration, thought vocalisation, knowledge distribution and just a bit of nerdy fun.

The blog started as a mainly technical writeup of challenges I faced when working on #php, #node, #mobile and #devops projects. Slowly but steadily Hashbang turned into a place where I document all sorts of technical experiments and sideprojects, such as #iot, #timeseries and #machinelearning. The blog also functions as a log of all the #presentations I've given through my career on meetups and conferences.

If you don't know where to start, check out a couple of my favorite blogs here:

the hashbang is a character sequence of the number sign and an exclamation mark (#!), used at the beginning of a (bash) script and more recently used by facebook and twitter announce a single page application to the google search engine.