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The best podcasts to get started with full stack javascript web development


I've been listening to a load of podcasts during my daily commute and found out that this is a very entertaining way to keep up to date with the latest developments of web technologies. I'd love to share some of my favorites, give them a try and let me know which ones you think are missing!

  • codenewbie - A very accessible and fresh podcast that introduces people into the world of coding through some interesting topics for starters, such as visiting bootcamps, getting your first project up and running and loads of episodes on specific topics that will help out anyone finding their way in the world of coding.
  • Giant Robots Smashing into other Giant Robots - One of the podcasts with some broader topics from the company Thoughtbot. A very interesting devshop that does all sorts of things related to coding, teaching and product development. In this podcast you'll hear a lot about software development paradigms, testing, structuring code and how to work out product ideas into production applications. Even though the company used to be a ruby shop the technologies spoken about in the podcast are quite diverse.
  • NodeUP - NodeUP is a very technical nodejs podcast discussing news in the node world. I found the "team episodes" most interesting, in which development teams from well known companies such as walmart and netflix are invited to tell about they use javascript in their production environments.
  • Javascript Jabber - A podcast discussing everything javascript related. Usually sports a big panel of speakers familiar with both front and backend code. Not so accessible for starters but has some very good discussions on deep technical topics.
  • meteor podcast - Meteor is a great framework to get started with full stack development. Josh Owens, the author of Crater runs through all of this weeks meteor news.
  • Adventures in Angular - An angular only podcast discussing deep technical Angular topics. Must listen for active angular users and people interested in creating structured testable front-end applications.
  • Cognicast - I love listening to the cognicast for their talented and intelligent speakers. The theme of the podcasts is usually centered around the functional programming language Clojure, which attracts a lot of highly intelligent software developers that like to solve problems in a very elegant way.

Bonus tip: I use the android app podcast addict to subscribe and listen to these podcasts. The app is very configurable and automatically downloads new episodes daily.