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Replacing angular $resource with restangular


Due to the lack of configurability of the angular $resource I decided to replace it with restangular, a highly configurable alternative for REST consuming from an angular application.

My main reasons to switch were:

  • $resource doesn't handle sub resources
  • $resource requires full url in each object
  • $resource doesn't support all REST methods
  • Restangular creates reusable base objects that can be used multiple times for retrieving, posting and digging deeper into the url.
  • Restangular allows you to preconfigure all REST calls, for instance wrapping or unwrapping requests and prefixing the url with customizable variables.

I really hope that the extra features and configurability of Restangular get replicated / merged into Angulars resource library!

By the way, I've given a talk about this topic during the Javascript MVC Meetup in Amsterdam on the 5th of August 2013 called Consuming RESTful Resources with AngularJS. Please see the slides for more details and examples of $resource vs Restangular