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ReactNative at Lifely


At Lifely, we have had a lot of experiences with hybrid multiplatform applications. We started with ionic, moved to cordova with angular, tried cordova with react but could never produce an experience that was on par with our quality standard. After discovering React Native we found out we could finally produce the apps that we wanted to produce all along, with the familiarity of javascript / typescript and the react paradigm.

In this presentation I'm giving an overview of our past and explain why reactnative is such a great platform for appbuilders to develop hybrid applications:

  • 1 codebase
  • 1 language expertise
  • 1 QA (business logic)
  • rich plugin/bridge ecosystem
  • hot code reload

the slides can be found on github

This talk was given during the lunchtalks at Egeniq on November 21th 2017.