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Moving to our own Meteor Docker infrastructure


After working with a meteor hosting provider for a while we decided to move our meteor applications to our own hosted environments. In this presentation I explain why and how we did this.


  • application portability
  • availability problems
  • slow support response
  • control over servers and expenses
  • scalability and reproducability


  • Docker
  • Jenkins
  • DigitalOcean


  • Ops experience required
  • Plenty of alternatives (modulus, scalingo, galaxy)
  • Image building lengthens deploy loop cycle
  • Own loadbalancing required when scaling


  • Hassle free instance creation
  • Full control over servers/ instances
  • Portability of application
  • Cheaper than hosted alternatives

The slides and materials can be found on github

This talk was given on 09-12-2015 at the "Migrating to Meteor meetup", hosted by Lifely in Amsterdam