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Interactively staging chunks and specific lines on command line using git add interactive patching


As I'm trying to become less dependant on (otherwise excellent) visual git tools such as sourcetree or fork to work easily from within server environments, I ventured into the world of git commit crafting within the command line.

The most exciting command I stumbled upon is the git add --interactive feature that enters a quite daunting menu showing you which files are staged and unstaged and what you want to do with them. Using the patch command here you can mark the files you want to (partially) stage for a commit. After marking the files, hit enter again to enter into the chunk based staging questions.

Here you can slam the y key to stage the whole hunk, use the s key to split the chunk in smaller chunks or go completely nuts and use the e key to edit the chunk by hand. I found the following blog very useful explaining the specifics of the chunk editing view: nuclearsquid - git add --patch and --interactive.