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Flash HTC-One to Google Play edition


After an exciting day of fiddling with roms for HTC one I was able to get rid of the HTC sense rom and create a clean Google Play device running the latest version of Android (4.4.2 as time of speaking) which also receives OTA (over the air) updates when Google releases a new version.

An interesting details is that I was able perform this feat using mac osx 10.9, without using any of the Windows tools that are usually used to perform this operation.

N.B. Please take a look at the XDA thread I link to at the bottom of this blog before starting this procedure and only continue if you are willing to risk bricking your phone.

  1. Flash clockworkmod recovery to your phone

  2. Flash an Android 4.2.2 rom that is capable of running revone, I used

    adb sideload

  3. Unlock the bootloader through htc website registration and unlock code

  4. Boot the device into android, push and run revone on the device to get "s-off", also known as "your-phone-will-not-check-whether-the-rom-is-compatible-with-your-phone trick".

  5. Update the CID to match the google phone, I used CID GOOGL001 e.g.

    fastboot oem writecid GOOGL001

  6. use fastboot to flash clean google edition rom, e.g.

    fastboot flash zip

My process was loosely based on the Google Edition Converstion for HTC One XDA thread but I did not found it very clear / concise.